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Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit is a NYC-based healthy school meal provider to the NY metro area. Our kid-tested and approved menu offerings, farm fresh and locally sourced food, educational programs and easy to implement delivery system programs make it a favorite for schools, educators and parents looking for good nutritional and healthy food options for their students and children.



Nature of Things

The Nature of Things is an environmental outreach program that presents quality live animal presentations to schools and centers throughout the greater Metropolitan areas in New York and Connecticut. The program originated in 1982 through the efforts of Deborah and Allan Mumford. Early childhood centers, elementary schools, special needs programs, recreation programs, and senior centers are provided with hands-on and developmentally appropriate science education that features an inquiry-based approach to live animal exploration.  Professional naturalists are available weekly, monthly, and annually



Music with Delores JiJi

Delores is the music specialist for early childhood programs at more than 20 Westchester County schools and libraries. The Songtime sessions introduce children to the experience of being part of an organized group with a central focus, singing with a group, rhythm instruments, circle dance and fingerplay activities, listening, marching, movement to music, the dynamics of loud and soft sounds, fast and slow rhythms, and the pleasures inherent in the world of pretend.



The Children’s School of Yoga

The Children’s School of Yoga‘s mission  is to be a child’s first yoga teacher in a fun, age appropriate way. Our goal is for the child to continue practicing yoga into their adult life. We feel that if a child takes just one yoga pose or breathing technique from our program and uses it, then we have achieved our mission.