Cornerstone Children's Center

Kindergarten on Deck

Kindergarten on Deck


Cornerstone Children's Center Kindergarten On Deck


8:45AM- 3PM, Monday-Friday.

A program specially designed for children who miss the Kindergarten cutoff or who need the opportunity to enhance their preschool skills before entering Kindergarten. Kindergarten on Deck will help your child become a self-confident learner, prepped for a full day Kindergarten program.


Families may also opt to use our other programs below, for before and after hours care.


Breakfast Club


Healthy breakfast is included


After School Session



Our curriculum fosters creativity, development and learning.

Literacy interaction promotes pre-reading skills, observation and prediction.

Reading-writing connections are enhanced as the children gain new opportunities  to use letters and language

Additional experiences are promoted to develop and strengthen numerical concepts, problem solving and reasoning skills

Cross curriculum units provide relevant learning opportunities in science, social studies and math.


Our Method

Our teachers foster learning in a child centered environment, allowing growth in social, emotional and all academic areas.